Soul Blessings

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Welcome to Soul Blessings

Your soul is eternal. It is a sparkle of consciousness that exists outside of time and space, and holds within it all of your memories and experiences.


The soul is the energy that allows the body to live and thrive, and it influences your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Whilst on our beautiful Earth you’ll collect many experiences, and one day you’ll bring home to the heavens a marvelous collection of memories that will last forever.


The reality of existence is not an easy one though, and along the journey your soul can be harmed by the challenges that we, as humans, face while living our lives on Earth.


From a spiritual perspective, your soul will always receive light from Source, but while it is within a physical body, healing may become necessary. 

Spiritual Healing

The illusion of separation that we experience here on Earth is a challenge that we all face. Fortunately you do not have to go through it alone.

There is an ever-growing community of spiritual healers and light-workers who can facilitate the spiritual healing process.


Perhaps you are a healer yourself, or perhaps this is all new to you.


Here at Soul Blessings, I facilitate the spiritual healing process of our precious souls, restoring harmony and wholeness while helping you to open up again to the magic that is all around.

My Healing Methods Include:

I invite you to explore each of them in turn. There are no rights or wrongs. Your soul already knows where to begin.

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